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Where can I show your films?

The answer is: it depends! We want to make it simple for you to put our films to use in whatever context you might be in. That's why we've broken our licenses up into two simple categories: The Basic License and The Everything License.

The Basic License:

Our basic license lets you play this video at any live venue of any size - your church, youth group, classroom... whatever. What you can't do is modify it, include it in a product for sale, broadcast it, post it anywhere online, or distribute it on physical media (like a DVD). This means, for instance, that if you stream your sermons online, you can't include the video in your sermon stream.

The Everything License:

The Everything License is our most flexible license - you can stream this video online, post it on social media, broadcast it, distribute it on physical media... even make edits to the video as you like! The only thing you can't do is use this video in a product you're selling.  If that's something you're interested in, give us a shout and we'll see how we can help.

Can I include your videos in a product I'm selling?

Not with any of our licenses. If you would like to use our videos in a product, please contact us and we'll see how we can help!

Can I post your video on my website or social media page?

If you have purchased an Everything License, the answer is yes! If you have purchased a Basic License, then no. If you'd like to upgrade a previously purchased Basic License video to an Everything License, click here.

I purchased a Basic License video; can I upgrade to an Everything License?

Yes, you can! Click here to purchase an upgrade.

I purchased one of your videos on another site; can I post it online or stream it?

Most likely not. It depends on the license agreement entered with the site you purchased it from. The good news is you can upgrade to an Everything License by clicking here.

You didn't answer my question!

Sorry about that! Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.